Thursday, March 24, 2011

All of Your Love (Hellogoodbye)

Job #95: Copy Editor, AICPA
Job #96: Assistant Production Editor, Oxford University Press
Job #97: Marketing and Technical Writer / Editor, IBM

-- rounding up to the Big Finale --

Job #98: Community Organizer, Equality North Carolina
Job #99: Processing Assistant, Wake County Employment Security Commission
Job #100: Peer Review Coordinator, Resource Accounting

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, and Job #100 seems the most appropriate moment to announce the final post on EG for Hire. It's this one.  

I was in a very particular mindset when I first started the blog, excited to try something new and challenging, desperate to drag myself out of my job-applying rut. I didn't know it would be a key factor in netting me a job, or it would be read from Brazil to Hungary to New Zealand to Russia to Vietnam. The first time around, I loved to blog. When I returned to the practice, it was because I felt like I should do so. 

I dislike "should." Unless we're talking about being healthy, being kind, or paying taxes, I try not to think in terms of "should." It feels restrictive. 

The writing will still continue apace, but is going to veer in a new, more fictionish direction. I'll still be seeking a career as a writer or editor, I just won't be blogging about them. If you were wondering about any of that, I mean. 

Thank you for reading, sharing, and making EG for Hire the most pivotal project of my life. Please keep in touch, if you like (you'll find contact info in the sidebar over there. No, there. Scroll down a teensy -- yup, you found it). It's been real, kittens. 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Casimir Pulaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)

Job #93: Information & Communications Specialist, Wake County Department of Insurance
Job #94: Account Coordinator, Edison Nation

Writing jobs I wish were real: 

- Rewriting Netflix descriptions so they accurately summarize the film or series in question
- Proofreading the whole dang internet

Not challenging, perhaps, but deeply, deeply satisfying. 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Intention (Dirty Projectors)

Job #90: Copy Editor, Advanced Energy
Job #91: Communications Internship, North Carolina State University
Job #92: Information and Communications Specialist, Public Schools of North Carolina

EG, Thursday:

Don't worry, I'll make sure to check in tomorrow before they roll in -- I can't let my 90th attempt at a career go unheralded, now can I? 

Looks like I can.

Hosting family seems to mean I have no time to blog, but I do have time to eat country ham biscuits and kickin' barbecue, to visit fancy grocery stores and public gardens, and to sit on the balcony. Lazily. (It's glorious.) There's no rest for the unemployed, though, so I continue to apply.

Speaking of applications, it looks like I'm going to take my 100th stab at this in a few days. Should I decide to celebrate this milestone (I haven't yet decided), what do you think I should do? If you have any suggestions for commemorating EG for Hire's 100th Job of the Day, leave them in the comments. Just keep them classy.

And, y'know, legal.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gold Soundz (Pavement)

Job #83: Writer, Duke University
Job #84: Web Writer, Adecco
Job #85: Managing Editor, North Carolina State University
Job #86: Proposal Writer, PRA Inc
Job #87: Program Assistant, North Carolina Department of Justice
Job #88: Administrative Assistant, Student Development, Peace College
Job #89: Box Office Associate, Carolina Ballet

I was laid off from a job that I loved. It's been a month and sixteen days, and in that time, I've run into a wall more than once. This week, I hit it so hard I swear I smashed some bones. I haven't been sleeping more than about four hours a night, and when I do sleep, I have some bizarre dreams (assassinating good friends so we can all morph into omnipotent fairies kind of dreams).

EG for Hire was a project designed to help me stick to a depressing task. The prospect of failing with an audience hasn't been prompting me as it used to, which tells you my mind is all sorts of screwy right now.

Aside from me being an unacceptable big ol' mess, Life Things are looking up. A few days ago, JG accepted a full-time position. We were able to replace our busted router, and so have a reliable internet connection for the first time in forever. We also have family coming into town soon, as in tomorrow. They're our first visitors, and we love playing host, so fingers crossed that this snaps me out of my funk (or fugue, as JG would say). It's possible posts may continue to be spotty for the next few days; just chalk it up to me trying to be a good hostess.

JG's new gig is in Raleigh, about a 35 minute drive, so we may look to move once our Durham lease is up. In terms of my not-funny-anymore unemployment, I now have a place to focus job search efforts, instead of my ineffective "just look along the east coast...ish" approach.

I'll tell my family y'all said "hi." Don't worry, I'll make sure to check in tomorrow before they roll in -- I can't let my 90th attempt at a career go unheralded, now can I? 


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Save It for a Rainy Day (The Jayhawks)

Job #82: Staff Specialist, Duke University

Wednesday was a day of mild surprises.

1. I had a buy-one-get-one-free quesadilla coupon for a local Mexican place. JG was off today, so we grabbed what we thought would be a cheap lunch on our way to the grocery store. A series of miscommunications found my request for "two small bags of chips" yielding "one tofu quesadilla with beans and rice on the side, in addition to the two quesadillas you already ordered with your coupon." We split it for dinner, and let me just say that tofu quesadillas may be delicious, but not when boxed in Styrofoam, left in a car for two hours, refrigerated, and half-heartedly reheated in a skillet.

2. Netflix saw that Inception reached our mailbox today, along with a Tiffany's catalogue and an invitation to join the AARP. Not one bit of that previous sentence was made up. Inception was terrific, but I fear my watching it might have some unfortunate repercussions:

Elizabeth Grunewald
Just saw Inception for the first time. Really liked it. Didn't love that it included one of my real-life nightmares 

3. I found this today. It is now my current desktop background. You are welcome.

I appreciate unpredictability. Allow me to remind the Universe At Large I haven't gotten the opportunity to use that "employment update" label on a blog post in quite a while. 

Just saying. 


The Fear (Lily Allen)

Job #81: Public Communications Specialist, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Some folks might see the benefits to being unemployed. You don't have schedules or deadlines. You don't have responsibilities or necessary human interaction. You don't have to get out of your pajamas. Some people would be able to find an upside to the situation.

Well, as Lina Lamont said, "I ain't people."

(Unrelated supposition: I would be much more likely to get a job 
if I wore this exact outfit to all interviews.)

I'm not a needs-routine sort of girl -- I can roll with it like a bowling ball with gutter guards -- but some rude structure is necessary. On a basic level, this is simple: Wake up at this time, work out at this time, job hunt at that time, blog before bed. While this sort of schedule is enough to keep me human, it's not enough to keep me happy, and job-hunting for hours on end doesn't do much for the ol' dopamine levels.

So I'm going to take on another writing project, one that I can guarantee is going to be difficult for me. You see, I don't really write fiction. I've written poetry, in the pursuit of my poetry-focused English degree (laugh it up, fuzzball), but neither prolifically nor prettily. I would rather tear a work apart and feast on the gooey literary devices inside than whip one up myself.

I'd also rather be employed.

JG, who also has a degree in English -- marginally more useful, as his focus was twentieth century fiction -- is, well, better with fiction. I'm better with mechanics. He's been gracious enough to list for me some ideas that he's unlikely to take anywhere, and I'm going to take a crack at writing them.

Will this exercise lead anywhere? Unlikely. Will it net me a job? Wouldn't bet on it. Will it give me a sense of purpose and happiness?

I sure hope so. Milkshakes work okay, but they can't keep you pepped up for long.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Can't Decide (Scissor Sisters)

Job #80: Show Writing Intern, The Walt Disney Company

I usually blog pretty late at night. This guarantees I've seen all the new postings there are to see for the day, and sticking to the schedule helps create routine in my unemployed, largely routine-less life.

So why am I writing this at 10:00 in the morning, the day after I meant to write it? I feel asleep on the couch last night.

This means my laptop was super-handy, living as it does on my coffee table. It also means my neck is all jacked up, and my ancient hand-me-down couch is likely no better for my nocturnal tossing and turning. None of this would probably bother me if I were a morning person.

I'm off to make some coffee and unkink my back and complete my transformation into a senior citizen. I'll see you later tonight, internets.